Internal Pillars : ERAT

Kalbe ensures “Bersama Sehatkan Bangsa” commitment through internal initiatives as follows :

  • Internalizing the company's vision, mission and values through various activities to support ONEKALBE synergy
  • Building the mindset of Kalbe people to produce quality products and excellent service for the community
  • Providing a framework for synergizing the Engagement program carried out by the Kalbe Group
  • Increasing engagement of Kalbe's people
  • Improving the quality of life of Kalbe's people
  • Building the spirit of improving health for the community for a better life in accordance with the company's mission

All internal initiatives will be coordinated and communicated through 4 internal pillars (ERAT) :

  1. Etos (Ethic)
  2. Raga (Body)
  3. Asa (Behavior)
  4. Tindak (Action)