External Pillars : SEHAT

Kalbe ensures “Bersama Sehatkan Bangsa” commitment through external initiatives which coordinated and communicated through 5 external pillars (SEHAT) as follows :

  1. Science and Technology for Health – Science and technology in research for new inventions and educations to result in innovations of products, systems, and services related to health
  2. Ecosystem & Environmental Preservation - Preservation of ecosystem and environment through responsible management of energy, water, emission, waste, biodiversity, and environmentally friendly products with measured impacts
  3. Hygiene & Health Education - Changes in behavior towards a healthy lifestyle and well-being through education programs and health interventions in various situations
  4. Access to Healthcare - Provision of health access using technology or communication platforms and direct intervention through effective health programs
  5. Total Sustainable Business Ecosystem - Development of resources and management of business processes from upstream to downstream to realize products and services that are responsible for creating a sustainable business ecosystem