Support for SDGs

Kalbe’s Sustainability Policy formulates the Company's Vision, Mission, and Core Values, and is strengthened by its Sustainability Governance, Organizational Structure, Framework, and Strategy.

In November 2019, Kalbe launched its sustainability strategy ‘Together, Building a Healthy Nation’. This initiative shows Kalbe's commitment to talking about sustainability, and is expected to answer the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

Internally, Kalbe follows the ERAT Pillars, namely Etos (Ethos), Raga (Body), Asa (Behavior), and Tindak (Action), and externally Kalbe follows the SEHAT Pillars, namely Science and Technology for Health, Ecosystem & Environmental Preservation, Hygiene & Health Education, Access to Healthcare and Total Sustainable Business Ecosystem. We have mapped these pillars, as Kalbe's priority support, to the seven Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), numbers 1,3,4,7,9,10, and 12, with the main support to number 3: 'Good Health and Well-being’.