Entrostop Tablet


Description Entrostop contains Attapulgite and Pectin to treat diarrhea and it’s symptoms. For more information, visit diarepedia.com.
Format Tablet
Packaging Box contents 2 blisters
Dosage 12 tablets
Excellence • Treat the symptoms of diarrhea by absorbing poison or bacteria that cause diarrhea, expelling it through bowel movements to stop diarrhea.
Benefit • Attapulgite: Absorbs toxins and bacteria that cause diarrhea.
• Pectin: Change stool consistency to be denser.
Dose & Usage • Adults & children over 12 years: 2 tablets each after defecation, maximum 12 tablets / 24 hours
• Children 6-12 years: 1 tablet each after defecation, maximum 6 tablets / 24 hours



Entrostop Herbal Anak


Description Entrostop Herbal for children helps to stop diarrhea and its symptoms for children. For more information, visit diarepedia.com
Format Liquid
Packaging Box 6 sachets @10 ml
Excellence • Contains herbal ingredients such as tea leaf extract, guava leaves, ginger and turmeric
• Practical syrup sachets
• With sweet guava flavor
Benefit Helps reduce diarrhea in children over 6 years, with the composition:
• Guava leaf: Stops diarrhea
• Ginger: Warms the body
• Tea leaves: Remove toxins
• Turmeric: Stops mules
Dose & Usage Adults 2 sachets 3 times / day.
Children 1 sachet 3 times daily.
Give after defecation. Shake well before drinking.


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