H2 Superba Krill Oil


Description: H2 Superba Krill Oil from H2 Health & Happiness is a health supplement to maintain your body’s health (holistic wellness). Omega-3 from fish oil is more well-known as the best supplement for maintaining the health of cardiovascular system. But, fish oil Omega-3 cause a ‘Fishy Burp” sensation after you drink it and it is mainly served as big caplet, making it hard to swallow. Now, H2 Health & Happiness has the solution for all those disadvantages: H2 Superba Krill Oil, a next generation Omega-3 that originates from krill oil, instead of fish oil.

H2 Cordyceps Militaris

Description: H2 Cordyceps Militaris from H2 Health & Happiness is a supplement to help increase your body’s endurance. This supplement also increases the oxygen consumption of the cardiopulmonary system when you are stressed out, as well as increases energy levels in the body’s tissues. H2 Cordyceps Militaris contains natural ingredients (Adenosine and Cordycepin) that could aid maintaining your body’s health, increase stamina and vitality, and restoring and creating energy more quickly.

H2 Green Lipped Mussel

Description: Solve your swelling and joint-pain problems with H2 Green Lipped Mussel with Glycosaminoglycan as the main ingredient is to help lubricate the joints and protect cartilage, especially in patients with Osteoarthritis (OA) or people with other joint disorders. This product originates from New Zealand and is free of heavy metals (has been scientifically analyzed), making it safe to be consumed and effective to relieve swelling and joint-pains.

H2 Turmeric

Description: Fatty liver is a common disease that often haunts people with unhealthy lifestyles. This disease has no significant symptoms, so it is often too late to be treated. Prevent the damage of your liver with H2 Turmeric from H2 Health & Happiness. This product is an herbal supplement that contains turmeric extract (Curcuma domestica) with its active ingredient Curcumin 95% and works as a very potent hepatoprotector and anti-inflammatory.

H2 Curcella

Description: H2 Curcella from H2 Health & Happiness is a solution for you that often experiences symptoms of frequent cramps, drowsiness, fatigue, weakened immune system, and varicose veins! H2 Curcella is an herbal supplement containing Centella asiatica and Curcuma domestica from gotu kola leaves and turmeric. With these ingredients, this supplement is able to relieve symptoms of blood circulation problems that can cause dangerous symptoms above.

H2 Gamatensi

Description: Lower your high blood pressure safely by consuming H2 Gamatensi which contains celery extract, cat whiskers plant extract, and noni fruit extract. H2 Gamatensi is suitable as a complementary therapy for Grade 1 and Grade 2 hypertension patients who do not improve with conventional treatment.

H2 Zativa

Description: H2 Zativa from H2 Health & Happiness is a solution for you that often experience symptoms such as bloating, burning and pain in the stomach, and irritation in the throat! H2 Zativa from H2 Health & Happiness is an herbal supplement that contains Habbatussaudah (black cumin), turmeric, and temulawak. With these ingredients, this supplement can help maintain the body’s digestive function, especially for patients with complaints of gastric disorders such as gastritis, ulcers, or GERD.

H2 Fair Skin


Description: Remove stains and black spots with H2 Fair Skin a skin supplement with Collactive (Colagen and Elastine), as an anti wrinkle, and Hytolive, L-Cystein, and Vitamin C which are clinically proven to solve pigmentation, reduce black spots, and brighten skin after 2 weeks of use.

H2 Pure Skin

Description: Prevent and solve your excessive acne problem by consuming H2 Pure Skin that contains Astaxanthin which is a potent antioxidant. H2 Pure Skin can inhibit oxidative polymerization of the skin & inflammation of the epidermis, which helps reduce acne inflammation. In addition, H2 Pure Skin can improve skin elasticity, improve collagen structure in the dermis damaged by free radicals.

H2 Genetron Flour

Description: H2 Genetron Flour is made from selected melinjo seeds that originates from the area of Java Island, Yogyakarta. This plant has been used since a long time ago, especially by the people of Yogyakarta whose life expectancy is 10% higher compared to other regional communities. Melinjo contains natural resveratrol that is obtained from the seeds. Research for more than 10 years conducted by universities in Japan shows that resveratrol can prolong life expectancy by increasing stamina, reducing blood sugar, and reducing visceral fat (the deepest fat in the body). Melinjo flour is an alternative substitute of wheat flour, making it suitable for people with gluten allergies.

H2 Chia Seeds

Description: H2 Chia Seeds are seeds from the exotic Salvia hispanica L. plants which are cultivated in Bolivia, South America. Chia seeds are used by the Aztecs as an energy booster, because they are rich in omega-3, carbohydrates, proteins, dietary fiber, calcium, and antioxidants. Eating chia seeds is the easiest way to get omega-3 and is suitable for people with seafood allergies, vegetarians, and non-fish eaters.

H2 Coconut Flour

Description: H2 Coconut flour comes from coconut meat and can be used as an alternative substitute of wheat flour (suitable for those with gluten allergy). H2 Coconut Flour has been processed in such a way that it contains high fiber content which helps reduce cholesterol and control blood sugar. Coconut flour also contains saturated fat in the form of Medium Chain Triglycerides which can increase fat burning and reduce fat storage.

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