Best Brand Platinum 2009 from SWA dan Mars because of winning IBBA **) 7 times a row Indonesia Customer Satisfaction Award 2009 from SWA and Frontier.
The Most Powerful Distribution Performance 2009 from SWA and Mix Magazine
 Benefit Help maintaining body’s health, refresh and involve in energy metabolism.
For diabetic patient and people who needs  low calories.
Not suggested for children, pregnant & lactation woman, and hypertension. patient. This product contain phenylalanine, can not be use for phenylketonuria patient and pregnant woman with high value of phenylalanne.

 Usage and Storage

Solute 1 sachet with 100 mL water and stir.
Max 3 sachet/day.
Keep in cool and dry place.

Deskripsi: Extra Joss Blend campuran minuman berenergi dengan CAL PRO susu. Membantu meningkatkan stamina serta menjaga kesehatan tulang. Jelajahi kandungan energi ekstra lainnya.
- Kalsium
- Protein
- Vitamin B1
- Vitamin B2
- Vitamin B3
- Extrak Gingseng

Description: A product extension of Extra Joss brand, is a concentrated energy drink in liquid form, extract of Korean Ginseng and Arabian date, with convenient tube packaging for easy consumption. It can be consumed 1 to 3 tubes a day.
Recharge stamina and overcome fatigue
Assist in energy metabolism

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