Kalbe’s Nutritionals Division taps into the opportunity presented by the consuming class’ rising living standards coupled with increasingly healthier life style. This Division also benefits from the country’s relatively low milk consumption, providing plenty of room for business growth. The Nutritionals Division manages a comprehensive range of nutritional products, comprising largely of powdered milk products for various age segments: infants, toddlers, children, pre-teenagers, adults, pregnant and lactating women, up to the elderly, as well as consumers with special medical needs.

In the premium market, Kalbe presents Morinaga, powdered milk products for infants and children, Prenagen, a healthy nutrition for expecting mothers and Entrasol, a healthy product featuring high antioxidant content. For the mass market, Kalbe offers Zee, a powdered milk product for kids and tweens and Lovamil, powdered milk nutrition suitable for expectant and lactating mothers.

For customers with special needs, Kalbe’s Diabetasol is a perfect meal replacement for diabetic customers, featuring complete nutrition content that also helps to manage blood sugar level.

On top of these, the Division also offers a selection of non-milk nutritional products, such as Fitbar, the highly popular healthy and tasty snack bar with low calories, Nutrive Benecol, a tasty smoothie product containing special ingredients to lower cholesterol level and Diva, Indonesia’s first beauty drink product featuring collagen and antioxidant for healthier skin. Kalbe’s nutritional products are supported by targeted above-the-line and below-the-line promotional activities, as well as the Company’s strong distribution network.


Some of Kalbe's Top Products