Medical Devices

PT Enseval Medika Prima

PT Enseval Medika Prima (EMP) was established in November 2007. EMP is a strategic business unit of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk, focusing business as Sales and Marketing in medical device and In-vitro diagnostics. 

Besides partnering with Global Players of Medical Device in Indonesian market, EMP also build its own Brand especially for Consumables in Hospitals ( E-Care ) and personal use (Elvasense).
In 2019, EMP started building its manufacturing facility under a subsidiary : PT. Forsta Kalmedic Global, with its first product line surgical suture. 

Line of Business:
Hospital Specialty: Hospital Consumable and Radiology
Hospital Equipment: Medical Equipment and Hospital furniture
Hospital laboratory Core: Laboratory IVD needs
Hospital Laboratory Emerging: Laboratory needs for Industry and Emerging sector
Personal Health: Personal/home use medical device
Surgery: Surgery needs

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PT Renalmed Tiara Utama

PT Renalmed Tiara Utama established on July 2008. PT Renalmed Tiara Utama focus on  hemodialysis, which is cooperation with some hospital for hemodialysis and provide quality services for patients with kidney failure in Indonesia. In addition to providing consumer products, PT Renalmed Tiara Utama provide a solution of water purification systems to be used in the dialysis process.

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PT Medika Renal Citraprima

On April 24th, 2014, EPMT established PT Medika Renal Citraprima (MRC). MRC focus on distribution of medical supplies.