KALCare Relaunch and Presenting the New Website with Omni Channel Service

Introducing the new e-commerce service with Integrated Multi Channel Platform

KALCare, managed by PT Karsa Lintas Buwana, a subsidiary company of Kalbe Group, re-launch and introduce its new concept with Omni Channel service. A major innovation that will improve KALCare service quality to customers, with an updated integration system which connecting all KALCare multi-channel platform. 

KALCare Omni Channel are presenting their service through e-commerce and offline stores where customer can purchase various healthcare and personal care products. KALCare has complete range of products for all ages, providing nutrition for preparing pregnancy up to elderly ages. And as an official store, KALCare providing a guarantee to provide original products, products safety and cleanliness. 

Through its new platform, customers can purchase through various KALCare official merchant. Products also divided into categories to make customers easily browse and pick their choice. In Mom & Kids Category, you can find market’s favorite brands such as Morinaga, Milna, Prenagen, Zee dan Lovamil. You can also find, Diabetasol, Entrasol, Nutrive Benecol, Slim & Fit dan Diva in Special Nutritions Product Category. Through Multivitamin and Supplement Category, you can find various supplements for kids and adults, Blackmores, H2 Health & Happiness, KECC products, Cerebrofort, Sakatonik and Osfit. As well as tasty and healthy beverages and snacks, Love Juice, Vegie Fruit, Hydro Coco, Fitbar, Fitchips.

KALCare Omni Channel will be available through below multichannel platform:

Kalcare.com (previously known as Kalbestore.com) is the e-commerce platform where you can find our various products by category: Mom & Kids, Special Nutrition, Multivitamin & Supplement, Medical Equipments, Personal Care, Healthy Food & Beverages. Through the new website, customers can also choose to shop through KALCare official merchant. 

KALCare Home Delivery (KHD)
KALCare Home Delivery is a telemarketing service that available through 38 cities as distribution point. Through this platform, customers can shop and order via hotline contact number, and get their order delivered directly by our courier. With Rp 200,000 minimum order, customer can get free delivery free to their address.

KALCare Outlet
KALCare Outlet is an experiental – offline stores that available in some shopping mall in Jakarta. There are 6 stores in Pesona Square Depok, Grand Metropolitan Mall Bekasi, Pondok Indah Mall 2, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Bintaro Exchange, dan Lippo Mall Puri. KALCare Outlet gives you an experience to directly see and get better knowledge about the products through our staffs. Customers can have a health screening test, consultation and sharing education with our nutritionist. They also can join various activities that regularly happen in KALCare Outlet, such as workout class and event. During this pandemic, KALCare Outlets are still open to receive order and consultation through WA Admin. 

KALCare Market Place
KALCare Official Store also available on marketplace sites in Indonesia. 

KALCare Rewards
As a benefit for shopping through KALCare Omni Channel, we provide special rewards for KALCare rewards member. Customers can collecting points from their purchase, and redeemed with interesting gift through our website. KALCare Rewards members will also get exclusive offer and special discount. 

The new launch of KALCare Omni Channel will provide the best and easiest way to shop your personal and healthcare needs. Experience the new innovative features for your daily needs. Customers can get below benefits through the new KALCare :
1. Shop through official merchant that located nearly to your address
2. Fast product delivery, available for same day or instant delivery
3. Live chat 24/7, customers can have a product consultation pick up their choice
4. Special offer and interesting promo that will exclusively available for purchase through KALCare Omni Channel
5. Updated information for events and healthiness articles

KALCare Omni Channel will support you and family for healthy lifestyle and better life quality. With KALCare, Sehat Lebih Mudah.

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