Kalbe e-Store

Kalbe e-Store

The e-commerce site is presented by Kalbe Group to make it easier for its customers in obtaining Kalbe's nutritional product range.  With six simple steps, customers can search, find, order, pay, and obtain Kalbe's products. 

The products offered at Kalbe e-Store contains all nutritional needs for the entire family.  The Prenagen product range, for instance, would be the best friend of the ladies from the time they plan for pregnancies, during pregnancy, to breastfeeding time.  For the little one, Kalbe e-Store provides a complete range of products, from Milna which is breast milk-companion food for babies 6 months and older, Morinaga Chil Kid and Chil School for 1 year olds and older, to Zee for children of 5 years and older.

Kalbe e-Store is also spoiling the adults, with Nutrive and Entrasol Active, as well as products to fulfill special needs, i.e. Entrasol Diet for customers wishing to achieve ideal body weight in healthy way, and Diabetasol for our diabetic customers.  The product range is more complete with the presence of multivitamin supplements for children and adults, Cerebrovit and Cerebrofort, as well as tasty and healthy snack, Fitbar. 

Be it for personal consumption or to be sent as a package to your kin, Kalbe e-Store will be the choice method of shopping that is practical and trustworthy.  Purchases will be directly delivered by the Kalbe Home Delivery team to its intended address without additional charges.

Furthermore, Kalbe e-Store also makes it possible for customers to consult with Kalbe's nutritionists through a live chat facility.  Customers will also have the opportunity to receive exciting rewards by joining Kalbe's membership program, and collect points for every transaction in Kalbe e-Store.


For more information, click www.kalbestore.com