Eye Care

Better Sight for a Better Life

The mission of the Eye Care Division is to maintain and improve eye health for better Indonesian’s quality of life, from children to adults, through several eye care products that are classified into pharma products and medical devices.

Pharma products consist of:

  • Navitae and Visionlux Plus as a treatment for mild to severe dry eyes,
  • RG choline caplets and RG choline syrup as an eye supplement for supporting therapy for neurological disorders of the eye and retina,      
  • Latipress to optimize eye pressure reduction in glaucoma patients,
  • Blephasep and Naviblef Wipes as a daily care for maintaining cleanliness and inflammation of the eyelids, and
  • Nutrieye as daily nutrition for the eyes to prevent fatigue and provide protection against harmful exposure to screens and gadgets.

For medical device products, namely :

  • Intraocular Lens Intraocular is an artificial implanted lens to replace the eye lens with cataracts consisting of RayOne Aspheric Hydrophilic, RayOne Aspheric Hydrophobic, RayOne Toric and RayOne Trifocal which are designed to be cutting edge and innovative,
  • Kalvis and Optheis Bio 3.0 as viscoelastic fluids that function to help optimize the results of a cataract surgery, and
  • Kalvisol as a special eye irrigation solution for eye surgery.


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