Eye Care

Perfecting Vision to Enrich Life

Eye Care Division have several products which classified in 2 category :
1. Pharmaceuticals
2. Medical device

Pharmaceutical products consist rom Matafres as a treatment for dry eye, RG choline caplets And RG choline syrup as an eye supplement for  glaucoma therapy Supporters, amblyopia, and ischemic optic neuropathy, Latipress to review optimize decline TIO on Patients with glaucoma, Nutrivision as an eye supplements comprise antioxidants which is completed from primary and secondary antioxidants, and Clarastill as topical antioxidants to protect eyes from radical.

For medical devices products, namely Kalvisol as fluid irrigation for eye surgery, Kalvis and Rayvisc is a liquid viscoelastic serves as an aid in cataract surgery, Eye drape to maintain sterility eye area during the operation, as well as lenses Intraocular as a substitute lens to surgery cataract which consists of Rayner C-flex Spheric, Rayner C-flex Aspheric and Superflex Aspheric Rayner.


Some of Kalbe's Top Products