Distribution and Logistics

To ensure product availability across the entire nation, Kalbe has built a Distribution and Logistic Division, run by its subsidiary PT Enseval Putera Megatrading Tbk (EPMT), which is responsible for delivering Kalbe’s and third party principal products to over 1 million of outlets in Indonesia. In addition, Kalbe has also expanded the business portfolio of the Division to include raw material trading, medical device trading and retail and health services.

Kalbe’s distribution and Logistic network for pharmaceuticals products is the most extensive in Indonesia. Supported by 2 Regional Distribution Centers (RDC) in Jakarta and Surabaya, and 74 branches in 54 cities, Kalbe reaches more than 1 million outlets all over Indonesia, both directly and indirectly, in cooperation with local sub-distributors.

For further information please visit www.enseval.com