Consumer Health

The Consumer Health Division’s product portfolio spans from over-the-counter (OTC) drugs and energy drinks to a selection of ready-to-drink healthy beverage products. These products are well recognized in their respective product categories, by Indonesia’s growing and increasingly health conscious middle-class consumers.

Kalbe’s OTC drugs consist of products known for their therapeutic benefits, as well as supplements and other preventive products. A number of these OTC products have top selling brand names that have dominated the market over the past few decades. To name a few, Promag is a dominant brand in the antacid therapeutic class. Entrostop is widely known as an effective anti-diarrhea therapy, while Komix and Woods are popular brands for cough treatments. This Division also carry a range of supplements and other preventive products with growing market acceptance. Along with the market trends, in the past few years Kalbe has begun to develop OTC products with herbal and natural ingredients known for its health benefits.

Some other Kalbe’s top products are Komix, Woods, Entrostop, Procold, Fatigon, Promag, Mixagrip and Extra Joss.


Some of Kalbe's Top Products