Animal Health

Kalbe Animal Health Division, is a Strategic Business Unit under PT. Kalbe Farma, Tbk that concern in animal health  business (veteriner pharmacy). Product portfolio of Kalbe Animal Health including animal pharmaceutical products, feed additive, feed supplement, animal health equipments and livestock identification devices.

Kalbe Animal Health have already had a legal license as manufacturer, importer, and also distributor Animal Health Medicine in Indonesia. Kalbe Own Product contribution were dominated by premix product such as Lagantor Premix, Kalvimix RX  and Stamix SP-500. The largest import product sales of Kalbe Animal Health are Nutriad (Belgium), Phibro (USA), Theseo (France), Bioproton (Australia), Jurox (Australia) and Ardes (France).

In 2016 and the following years, Kalbe Animal Health focus in high quality and innovative. In developing Kalbe Animal Health’s products cooperations with local academicians, scientist, experts, and government institution. Probiotics Products and diagnostic kits are the focus products that developing in 2016-2017. Other than that, Kalbe Animal Health will expand the market trough product development in aquaculture sector, increasing number of customers, and branch coverage expands in livestock central area all over Indonesia.


Some of Kalbe's Top Products