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Kalbe Group Launches Nasal Rinse Device for a Better Quality of Life

Kalbe Group Launches Nasal Rinse Device for a Better Quality of Life

Press Release No. 021/KFCP-DIR/PR/IV/21

Jakarta, 26 April 2021, PT Kalbe Farma Tbk. (Kalbe) through one of its subsidiaries, PT Enseval Medika Prima, has recently launched the first electric nasal cleanser ever made in Indonesia under the brand name Elvasense Portable Nasal Washer. As its name suggests, the nasal rinse device is part of the Elvasense product line developed under the Personal Health Line of Business (LOB), an internal corporate business unit of PT Enseval Medika Prima.

Especially designed for sinusitis sufferers, the upper respiratory therapy product was officially launched in conjunction with Kalbe’s online health education session for the media under the theme of "The Importance of Nose Washing Habits for Sinusitis Sufferers." Serving as resource persons for the education webinar are otolaryngologist dr. Hemastia Manuhara Harba'i and PT Enseval Medika Prima’s Business Unit Head Dicky Mulyono who is also responsible for the company’s Personal Healthcare Line of Business.

Director of PT Enseval Medika Prima Taruna Widjaja said that "Enseval Medika Prima (EMP) is committed to presenting high quality healthcare devices and diagnostic products and services for hospitals, medical laboratories, clinics, and individuals." 

Taruna went on saying that “one of the product lines that we have developed is Elvasense. This particular line of products provides high quality, innovative medical and healthcare devices for home use, dedicated to serve as personal healthcare companion devices."

One of the resource persons, dr. Hemastia Manuhara Harba'i, Sp.THT-KL said that "the nose has an important function in life. So, never ignore any nasal complaints that we may have experienced. One of the most common nasal health complaints is sinusitis, which is a condition when the cavity around the nose (sinuses) becomes inflamed due to infection or irritation." The ear, nose, and throat specialist and head and neck surgeon further explained that “sinusitis sufferers will usually experience symptoms such as facial pain, nasal congestion, cough, runny nose, headaches and the loss of the sense of smell. One of the steps that one should take to avoid sinus pain and congestion is diligently sanitizing the nose. Sinus rinsing is very important because it flushes out impurities in nasal passages, prevents upper respiratory tract infections, helps avoid allergy flare-ups, help ease the pain caused by the inflammation of the nasal cavity and the adjacent paranasal sinuses. Now we can easily wash the nose using the electric nasal washer and do not hesitate to consult a doctor to find the correct information about how to wash the nose." 

In response to dr. Hemastia’s explanation, Dicky Mulyono introduced Elvasense Portable Nasal Washer which is a “convenient, effective nose cleaner that is suitable for both children and adults.” He further explained that the device is “especially designed for cleaning nasal passages and keep them clear and moist, the device can be used for sinus rinsing with a saline solution (NaCl solution) or medication that is designed to be administered by aerosol as directed by your physicians.” 

So, essentially, “Elvasense Portable Nasal Washer is used to help deliver the salt water to the nasal cavities and effectively clean sinuses. It washes away mucus, boogers, trapped dirt and debris, inadvertently inhaled pollen and allergens. It helps facilitate sinus drainage by flushing out mucus so that the sinuses are clear. It empties the fluids in the nose, reducing swelling in the mucous membranes, and thus preventing sinus infections," added Dicky.

Currently, Elvasense Portable Nasal Washer is available in pharmacies, medical equipment stores, and through e-commerce transactions.

Elvasense also stays in touch with consumers via social media. You can follow Elvasense on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. Currently Elvasense is holding a photo competition with the theme "Caring for Nose Washing" with millions of rupiah in prize money.

PT Enseval Medika Prima (EMP) at a glance
PT Enseval Medika Prima is a subsidiary of the Kalbe Group. Engaged in the mar-keting of medical devices, the company adopts the strategy of dividing its marketing and sales teams based on the target markets it aims at on which their marketing campaigns are focused.
As an agent of various types of medical devices from so many principals, PT Ense-val Medika Prima is confident that by focusing the campaigns on the target markets, it would be able to provide a variety of solutions to meet what the target markets need. 
Therefore, customers’ experience in using the company’s products serves as an important foundation for the company to provide increasingly innovative products in the future.



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