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Kalbe Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Peel Through Breast Cancer

Kalbe Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Press Release No. 038/KFCP-DIR/PR/X/20

Jakarta, 3 October 2020, PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe) held a health education in support of the breast cancer awareness month that took the form of online collaboration with the Indonesian Cancer Foundation (YKI) and took the theme of “Kupas Tuntas Breast Cancer” (Peel Through Breast Cancer). The Speaker at this educational event is Dr. dr. Aru Wisaksono Sudoyo, Sp.PD-KHOM, FACP, the Chairman of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation. The event is one of the 3 educational events that will take place each week of the month of October that shall take on different themes, i.e. Peel Through Breast Cancer, Early Detection of Breast Cancer, and Role of Nutrition on Breast Cancer. 

“Kalbe has routinely provide education on health issues to the community, among which is about the importance of the threat of cancer cells that can happen anytime and to anyone,” said dr. Selvinna, Marketing General Manager of One Onco of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk. “The education is done as a form of concern for the early prevention of breast cancer, which coincides with the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, “ added Selvinna. 

“Through the education event, we would like to implore breast cancer survivors to remain courageous and confident, that we must believe that we can battle and face this cancer together. The only things that can reduce the number of cancer are not advanced medication with exorbitant price, but with early detection, good lifestyle, and routine check up,” said Dr. dr. Aru Wisaksono Sudoyo, Sp.PD-KHOM, FACP, Chairman of the Indonesian Cancer Foundation.

“Kalbe is also collaborating with the Knitted Knockers Indonesia and Indonesia Cancer Care Community (ICCC) as well as in September launched a Movement of 1000 knockers will be given for free to the women survivors of breast cancer in Indonesia, which have undergone the process of mastectomy (breast surgery). The movement that is a part of Kalbe's Oncology Total Solution service, or commonly referred to as ONE ONCO, is a form of care for Indonesian ladies that are survivors of cancer after mastectomy to get back on their feet, smile, regain confidence, and return to productivity.

Knockers is a knitted artificial breast that is soft, light, and comfortable that can be used by the breast cancer survivors post mastectomy. 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is commemorated worldwide in every October. The activity aims to help in increasing attention and support on awareness, early detection, and early medication as well as care of breast cancer. Early detection of breast cancer can be done in 2 ways, through the processes of SADARI (Individual Breast Check) and SADANIS (Clinical Breast Check) through ultrasound or mammography examinations. The earlier breast cancer is detected, the chances of the cancer patient to recover could reach 98%, as long as it is handled well and medically appropriate. 

Indonesia Cancer Care Community (ICCC) at a glance 
Indonesia Cancer Care Community (ICCC) is a community that was established on February 27, 2010. Founded by cancer patients, survivors, and cancer observers. ICCC has routine activities such as cancer health-related seminars, visiting cancer patients at cancer clinics in a number of hospitals, and excursions that are conducted every year. In some of its activities, ICCC is supported by KECC in the capacity as a facilitator, specifically in organizing cancer seminars.

Kalbe at a glance
PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (“Kalbe”) was established in 1966 and is one of the largest listed pharmaceutical companies in Southeast Asia. Kalbe has four main divisions that handle reliable and varied brand portfolio: prescription medicines (Cefspan, Brainact, Broadced, etc.); health product division that handles over-the-counter medication (Promag, Mixagrip, Komix, Woods, Fatigon, etc.); multivitamins (Fatigon, H2, XonCe, Hevit-C, JossC1000, etc.); as well as supplement and ready-to-consume drinks (Hydro Coco, Extra Joss); nutrition division (ChilKid, Prenagen, Diabetasol, Zee, etc,); and distribution division. Kalbe now has more than 40 subsidiaries, 14 production facilities with international standards, and employs approximately 17,000 employees, spread in more than 76 branches throughout Indonesia. Since 1991, Kalbe is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX: KLBF).



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