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Kalbe Educates on Autoimmune Disease Sjogren’s Syndrome

Kalbe Educates on Autoimmune Disease Sjogren’s Syndrome

Press Release No. 030/KFCP-DIR/PR/VIII/20

Jakarta, 6 August 2020, PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe) held a webinar health education for the media with the theme 'Recognizing Sjögren's Syndrome: Autoimmune Disease that is often Undiagnosed,’ with speakers: Dr. dr. Alvina Widhani SpPD, K-AI, Clinical Immunological Allergy Division of the Internal Medicine Department of FKUI/RSCM/RSUI and Board of Trustees of the Indonesian Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation; and Ir. Yennel S. Suzia, MSc., Sjögren's Syndrome Survivor. The education is aiming to optimize the information that is circulating in public in regard of autoimmune/Sjögren's Syndrome that is barely known and to support people with autoimmune problems to remain courageous to maintain their health.

“Kalbe continues to provide health education to improve public awareness, one of it is on autoimmune diseases,” said Ridwan Ong, Pharma Marketing Director of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk. “Throught educational means, we would like to assist in understanding and increasing awareness of Indonesian people on autoimmune diseases, one of it is by maintaining immunity through balanced nutrition, routine workouts, enough rest, as well as consumption of Vitamin D,” Ridwan added. 

“Sjögren's syndrome is one of the autoimmune diseases that is chronic and systemic, and approximately 90% of the sufferers are women. It is commonly diagnosed in the approximate age of 40,” said Dr. dr. Alvina Widhani, SpPD, K-AI, Clinical Immunological Allergy Division of the Internal Medicine Department of FKUI/RSCM/RSUI and Board of Trustees of the Indonesian Sjögren's Syndrome Foundation. “At present the prevalence of Sjögren's Syndrome in Indonesia is virtually unknown, likely because the illness has many symptoms that is alike to other diseases and therefore making it difficult to diagnose. The symptoms will also not appear all at once, often making the patient unaware and does not consider it as a problem that needs fixing,” Dr. dr. Alvina continued. 

“After experiencing paralysis at home and thought it was a stroke, I eventually conduct a check up to the hospital, and after going through several tests including the autoimmune test, I was told by the doctors that I have Sjögren syndrome. This syndrome makes my mouth and eyes dry, and pain all over my body. After making consultations, the doctors advised to routinely take Vitamin D 1,000, and to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This syndrome does not make me desperate and am remaining eager to run life with positive motivations and activities,” said Ir. Yennel S. Suzia, MSc, Sjögren Syndrome Survivor. 

“Through several researches, Vitamin D has a role in preventing autoimmune diseases due to the fact that autoimmune patients have low Vitamin D levels. At present, Kalbe has vitamin D3 products that can help maintain health, namely vitamin Prove D3-1000 IU and Prove D3 Drops (liquid form). Currently, Prove D3-1000 IU can be obtained by prescription at the nearest hospital, clinics and pharmacies at affordable prices. Meanwhile, Prove D3 Drops is the first liquid form of vitamin D in Indonesia which can be obtained without a doctor's prescription at pharmacies. The hope is that Prove D3 can become part of the journey of Indonesian families in meeting their vitamin D needs,” said Tekla Rosa Oktivia, Product Manager of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk.

July 23 is commemorated as World Sjögren Day. Sjögren Syndrome is an autoimmune disease that is chronic and systemic. Autoimmune disease is a condition where there is a disruption in the body's immune system that makes it attack the body's own cells. Sjögren syndrome commonly attacks the salivary grands. Other organs can also be affected, such as the nerves, lungs, kidneys, and digestive system. 

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