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Kalbe’s Dividend for Year 2010 Will Increase Significantly

Kalbe’s Dividend for Year 2010 Will Increase Significantly

Jakarta, April 18, 2011 – PT Kalbe Farma Tbk. and Subsidiaries (“Kalbe”) today announced its plans to distribute dividend  of approximately 50%  of  its  2010   net   profit,   or   equivalent   to approximately Rp 643 billion, a sharp increase of   over   2.5   times   compared   to   dividend distributed on 2009 net profit of Rp 254 billion.  The proposed dividend payment for year 2010 will be brought up for shareholders’ approval in the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders to be convened in May 2011.

“We   are   delighted   to   announce   to   our  shareholders that Kalbe will increase dividend payout ratio of 50% of our 2010 net profit,”  remarked       Kalbe’s       Finance       Director, Vidjongtius. “Our decision to increase dividend payment   is   based   on   our   strong   growth   in profitability   and   Kalbe’s   solid   cash   flow generation. We are also confident that with our current financial position, Kalbe will be able to  finance   all   capital   expenditure   and   working capital requirements to continuously improve our   outstanding   performance.   In   addition   to the   development   of   its   existing   4   business  portfolios,   Kalbe   will   also   push   forward   its business     development     strategy     through  acquisitions.   We   have   formed   a   Strategic  Investments unit, tasked with identifying and executing suitable acquisition opportunities for Kalbe.   We   expect   that   this   Strategic  Investments unit will support Kalbe in realizing  its  business   development   strategy   in   the  future”. Kalbe recorded net sales of Rp 10.23 trillion in year   2010,   up   by   12.5%   from   that   in   year 2009. Sales growth is accompanied by solid  expansion in net profit by 38.5%, to Rp 1.29  trillion in 2010. Meanwhile, earnings per share  rose by 41.5% to Rp 137 per share. As of December 31, 2010, Kalbe has a solid  cash   position   of   Rp   1.90   trillion.   From   the  share   repurchase   program   conducted   since 2007,   the   Company   has   bought   back 780,990,000 treasury stocks, or equivalent to 7.7%   of   total   paid-up   capital.  

At   current market   price,   the   treasury   stocks   are   worth  approximately Rp 2.8 trillion.The   ongoing   appreciation   of   the   Rupiah against   foreign   currencies   also   positively  impacts the Company’s financial performance. “This     significant     increase     in     dividend, demonstrates   the   Management’s   ongoing commitment   to   deliver   increasing   yield   and value   to   the   shareholders,   now   and   in   the future, commented Kalbe’s President Director, Irawati   Setiady.   “The   increase   in   dividend  payout ratio is part of the series of policy to continuously   enhance   superior   yield   to   the shareholders, which has been implemented in the   past   few   years,   such   as   the   share  repurchase program and the repayment of the  Kalbe’s   debts.   Further,   we   also   believe   that Kalbe’s   healthy   financial   condition   has   well positioned   Kalbe   to   continuously   grow   and develop, both organically and inorganically”.

Kalbe at a Glance
PT Kalbe Farma Tbk. (“Kalbe”) is one of the  largest         publicly-listed         pharmaceutical companies   in   Southeast   Asia.   Kalbe   has   a  broad   and   strong   portfolio   of   brands   in prescription       pharmaceuticals       (Cefspan, Brainact,         Broadced,         etc),         OTC pharmaceuticals   (Woods,   Promag,   Mixagrip, Komix, etc), energy drinks (Extra Joss, E-Juss) and   nutritional   products   (Milna,   Prenagen,  Diabetasol, etc), complemented with a robust  distribution   arm   covering   much   of   the Indonesian   archipelago.   Since   1991,   Kalbe’s shares   have   been   listed   on   the   Indonesia  Stock Exchange (IDX: KLBF).

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