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Kalbe Encourages Indonesian Children’s Science Creativity

Kalbe Encourages Indonesian Children’s Science Creativity

Jakarta: Mastery of science and technology (SciTech) is one of the determining factors for the progress of the nation. Therefore, it is important to instill a love of science and technology in children as the nation's next generation.

With the thought in mind, PT Kalbe Farma Tbk as a pharmaceutical company and producer of health products held the Kalbe Junior Scientist Award (KJSA).

The purpose is to provide understanding to Indonesian children that science is not a science that must be feared, but something that is fun, exciting, and easy.

“Kalbe is committed to introducing science early on to Indonesian children while increasing children's creativity in solving everyday problems with science,” PT Kalbe Farma Tbk President Director Vidjongtius said in a press release.

This year's KJSA is different from the previous year. The scientific works created are adapting with the use of digital technology with the theme of KJSA Goes Digital.

“In 2019, in line with the digital era, KJSA seeks to adapt to existing changes. By carrying out the KJSA Goes Digital theme, it is expected to be the first step in the introduction of digital-based science projects to children to answer the problems existing in their surroundings.

“We hope that with KJSA, Kalbe can participate in encouraging children with the cultures of science, engineering, and mathematics that are important aspects for the advancement of Indonesia's science fields,” said Vidjongtius.

KJSA 2019 collected 424 scientific works originating from 239 elementary category works from 121 elementary schools, and 185 junior high category works from 102 junior high schools throughout Indonesia.

Elementary Science project level is won by (1) Anneke Nazeeya Setiawan from Kuntum Cemerlang School, Bandung, with the title of Kick It Out; (2) Muhammad Akbar from Syafana Primary Islamic School, Tangerang, with the title of Automatic Hand Washing; (3) Ghirta Mahataksya from SD Saraswati 3, Denpasar, with the title of Automatic Bottle Filling Equipment; (4) Mahrus Ali Fawwas from Muhammadiyah Manyar Elementary School, Gresik, with the title of Active Alcohol Content Detectors; (5) Zayyan Ahmad Hanan from SDIT Darul Abidin, Depok with the title of the Sda Minecraft Preservation Campaign.

The five winners of the Science Works in the SMP category are (1) Sofi Wulan Ramadhani from Muhammadiyah 2 Junior High School, Denpasar. with the title of Automatic Trash Machine; (2) Else Windasari from Jetis 1 Junior High School, Ponorogo, with the title of the Grain-Scrambler Robot; (3) Callista Samantha Dina Charis from SMPK Penabur Kota Wisata, Bogor, with the title of Smart Digital Iot System; (4) Gavin Malik Setiawan from Kuntum Cemerlang School, Bandung, with the title of J pickup Aku; (5) Kurnia Ramadhani Wibawaningtyas from SMPN 1, Bantul, with the title of Automatic Nutrition Giving Tool.

All winners in each elementary and junior high school category received prizes of IDR 15 million (first place), 12.5 million for second place, IDR 10 million for third place, and fourth and fifth places received IDR7.5 million respectively. Elementary and junior high school accompanying teachers also received prizes of Rp. 3 million each.

The selected 20 Finalists have been mentored by mentors who were appointed by the Jury in accordance with the competencies of the mentors. The mentoring process is to develop the scientific works into digital format.

KJSA 2019 panel of judges is Prof. Dr. Nurul Taufiqu Rochman, M. Eng., Ph.D (Head of the Center for Physics Research, LIPI), Maulani Mega Hapsari, S.Ip, MA (Head of Sub Directorate of Students, Directorate of Middle School Development, Ministry of Education and Culture), M. Syachrial Annas ( Director of PP IPTEK Kemristekdikti RI), Irzan Raditya (CEO & Co-Founder of, Onno W. Purbo, Ph.D (Information and Technology Expert).

The mentors were Herry Kwee (Physicist, President of World Physics Olympiad), Dewis Akbar (the originator of Lab on Bike), Handy Darmawan (Chief Technology Officer of Tempo Media Group), Dr. M. Ikhlasul Amal, M.Sc., S.Sc. (LIPI Metallurgical & Material Research Center), Dr. Wahyu Bambang Widayantos (LIPI - Material Physics Research Center), Mohamad Imam Afandi MT (Electronics & IT Physics Research Center, LIPI), Hemi Prasetyo M.Sc. (Head of Administration Division, Science and Technology Demonstration Center, Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education) and Setyo Purnomo. M.Hum (Head of Operation Division of the Science and Technology Demonstration Center, Kemenristekdikti.



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