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Employee Volunteering at SD Muhammadiyah Jogokaryan

Employee Volunteering at SD Muhammadiyah Jogokaryan

For the first time Kalbe's volunteers, currently consisting of the Corporate Communication & Sustainability team of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk, held a health check-up and teaching program in an elementary school. 120 students of SD Muhammadiyah Jogokaryan Yogyakarta studied and rejoiced with the volunteers throughout the morning to noon, Thursday, January 17, 2018.

Through the event, also present was PT Kalbe Farma Tbk's Director Bernadus Karmin Winata and PT Kalbe Farma Tbk's Corporate HRD Director, Lanny Soputro, both were directly involved with students.

The event consisted of three concurrent sessions: learning about Clean & Healthy Living Behavior (PHBS), health checks, and playing giant snake and ladders.

Surprisingly, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students participated in the entire series of events; themed ‘I am HEALTHY, I CAN get my dream’; with great enthusiasm. The game of snakes and ladders that used large medias and educational films played in the classroom caught the attention of the students.

Karmin and Vido Latupeirissa, Manager of Internal Communication, joined volunteer duty to throw questions to the children in the snake ladder game; while Lanny and Melina Karamoy, Head of Corporate Communication & Sustainability, were assigned to teach PHBS material. In addition, Hari Nugroho, Senior Manager of External Communication, was tasked with assisting doctors who conduct health checks in the UKS room.

Karmin opined that the introduction of healthy and clean lifestyle must be planted as early as possible in children. With this in mind, the questions that were given at the snake and ladder game were specific about PHBS and were welcomed very well by students who scrambled to play. The location of the volunteering activity was chosen due to the fact that the Jogokaryan region has the highest endemic DB area in Yogyakarta.

Similar to the situation in the snake ladder playroom, dozens of children scrambled to come to the front of the class because they wanted to answer the questions thrown by Lanny and Melina. The students were not ashamed to raise their hands and ask to be chosen forward.

If children would usually be afraid to be examined by a doctor, it was not the case with the students of SD Muhammadiyah Jogokaryan Yogyakarta. While filing up neatly in line, they willingly sat with the doctors on duty to take part in several examinations.

"We want experience firsthand the exciting employee volunteering experience before we invite all Kalbe employees to be involved this year. Our simple intention is to be a benefit for others and see firsthand what companies can do for the community through involvement as volunteers," Vido said.

This inaugural volunteering event was closed with an invitation to all students to write down their dreams and plans for the future. The students were asked to stick to the paper with their dreams on an "I Can Tree". Some want to be pilots, doctors, teachers, soldiers, even presidents.

"Hopefully the dreams you have written here will grow big and strong All dreams and plans can be achieved as long as you have strong roots like the I Can Tree," Karmin said as he closed the program.

He hoped that this activity could be the beginning of the effort to encourage the growth of awareness for healthy living in the community.


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