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Rena Medika Clinic Celebrates its First Anniversary

Rena Medika Clinic Celebrates its First Anniversary

Rena Medika Clinic that belongs to PT Medika Renal Citraprima, a subsidiary of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk, celebrated its first anniversary on December 13, 2018.  Rena Medika is a specialist clinic for dialysis patients, officially established on December 7, 2017.

With the gratefulness that came with the First anniversary, Rena Medika invited the surrounding communities and representatives from several Medical Centers (Puskesmas) to participate in a number of events, including the ceremonial Tumpeng cutting, celebratory meal, free health check, and a seminar on kidney health and treatments. 

"Our initial goal (at Rena Medika Hemodialysis Clinic) is providing a great and quality service, as well as being able to serve BPJS patients. In general, we have two markets, i.e. the general public and BPJS (patients). We want to show that even with BPJS, patients can get excellent facilities and services," said President Director of PT Medika Renal Citraprima, Taruna Widjaja.



He elaborated that Rena Medika is still waiting for permits from BPJS. Hopefully, he said, we can obtain (the permits) by next year thus BPJS patients can obtain quality service from the clinic.

In his explanation, Taruna revealed that at present day, there is great imbalance of the number for services for dialysis patients when compared to common patients in Indonesia. One of the reasons of the presence of Rena Medika Hemodialysis is to assist in mitigating the problem.  

"Hopefully we (Rena Medika) will be able to provide easy access for all dialysis patients," Taruna added. 

With the mission to improve the quality of life for patients with renal failure, Rena Medika under the PT Kalbe Farma Tbk umbrella provides hemodialysis treatment services, education on kidney and the treatments for it, laboratory check up, as well as consultation with specialists. 



Rena Medika has 22 hemodialysis machines with European standards; 14 regular beds, 5 VIP rooms, and 3 VVIP rooms directly monitored by experienced physicians and nurses.  

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