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Kalbe Collaborates with Westland Milk and Fonterra New Zealand

Kalbe Collaborates with Westland Milk and  Fonterra New Zealand

Press Release No. 009/ KFCP-DIR/PR/III/18

Jakarta, 22 March 2018 – PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe) signed a memorandum of understanding with Westland Milk and Fonterra, two major companies from New Zealand. The collaboration that is to be partaken between Kalbe and Westland Dairy is in the form of Strategic Supply Agreement, the provision of product ingredients that shall be produced and packaged in Indonesia as well as New Zealand; whereas the collaboration between Kalbe and Fonterra Dairy will take the form of the development of functional nutrition for Indonesian and ASEAN markets. The memorandum was signed by Irawati Setiady, President Commissioner of Kalbe Group, with the Directors of Westland Milk and Fonterra. The signing was witnessed by a number of Ministers of the Work Cabinet, alongside the scheduled meeting between the President of Indonesia with CEOs from New Zealand in Wellington, New Zealand.

“The collaboration is part of Kalbe's strategy in launching health products that are innovative and of high quality, to build a healthier Indonesia," said Irawati Setiady,” President Commissioner of Kalbe Group. “We hope that this collaboration will provide added value to Indonesia's nutrition products as well as turning it into a global player,” Irawati added.

“The collaboration between Kalbe with Westland is a first step in forming a strategic partnership, in which we shall collaborate for baby and adult nutrition products, as well as innovative opportunities for added values,” said Toni Brendish, Chief Executive of Westland Milk. ”This is a good opportunity for Westland to collaborate with Kalbe, a market leader in Southeast Asian market for infant nutrition and food, which could be a positive value for Westland's customers and stakeholders," Toni added.

Kalbe, through PT Sanghiang Perkasa (Kalbe Nutritionals), has been producing a string of nutritional products that is targeted for a variety of age range, from infancy to adulthood, such as infant formula, biscuits, teenager formula, to nutrition for pregnant and lactating mothers, as well as special needs nutritionals.

Kalbe at a glance
PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (“Kalbe”) was established in 1966 and is one of the biggest public pharmaceutical companies in Southeast Asia. Kalbe has four main divisions that handle reliable and varied brand portfolio; prescription medicines (Cefspan, Brainact, Broadced, etc); over-the-counter medication division (Woods, Promag, Mixagrip, Komix, Fatigon, etc); health drinks (Hydro Coco, Extra Joss, Nitros); nutrition division (ChilKid, Prenagen, Diabetasol, etc); and distribution division. Kalbe currently has more than 35 subsidiaries, 14 production facilities with international standard, and employs more than 17,000 employees dispersed across more than 72 branches throughout Indonesia. From 1991, Kalbe is listed at Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX: KLBF).

Westland Milk Products at a glance
Westland Milk is the second largest milk co-operative in New Zealand. Supported by 1,528 workers (including co-operative staff, farmers, and staffers), Westland Milk Products became a major company and main economic mover for the West Coast area, with contribution of over 14.3% ($ 234.4 million) of the area's GDP.
Westland produces high quality butter, powdered milk, and special nutritional products with the combination of their own milk, tightly selected ingredients, high production skills, and tight quality control standards.

Fonterra at a glance
Fonterra is a global milk nutrition company that is owned by 10,500 farmers and their families, united by the basic beliefs of the strength of milk to make a difference. We are a world-renowned milk exporter that formed the industry with quality and innovation. Fonterra employs 22,000 people worldwide and is in the forefront of New Zealand's global export for over 50 years, and provided the contribution of 25% of New Zealand's exports.


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