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Kalbe Junior Scientist Award Announced 18 Finalists

446 Karya dari 190 Sekolah di 59 Kota dan 18 Provinsi di seluruh Indonesia

Kalbe Junior Scientist Award Announced 18 Finalists

Press Release No. 010/KFCP-DIR/PR/VII/12

446 Inventions from 190 Schools in 59 Cities and 18 Provinces Across Indonesia

Jakarta, 2nd July 2012 – PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe) announced the names of the 18 finalists of Kalbe Junior Scientist Award today, from the 446  scientific works sent by elementary school students from grade IV to VI, from 190 schools in 59 cities across 18 provinces in Indonesia.

“We did not expect such enthusiasm in the number of participants, minding that this year has only been the second time the event is being held,” said Widjanarko Lokadjaja, Chief Committee for the Kalbe Science Awards. “We hope that the event highlighting the theme “Innovation for a Better Living” can continue to foster a better generation of tomorrow to build this nation through the love for science inculcated since early age.”

“This year’s Kalbe Junior Scientist Award is very interesting, the number of participants doubled from the previous year,” said Andreas S. Santoso, Chief Committee for the Kalbe Junior Scientist Award. Our wish is that this event will be more familiar to all elementary school students all over Indonesia, so that more young people will be used to critical thinking and have a competitive spirit”

“This year’s Kalbe Junior Scientist Award has seen tremendous improvements from the participants as well as their submissions,” said Dr. L.T. Handoko, Physicist for LIPI and Lecturer for the University of Indonesia who is also head of the judge panel for the Kalbe Junior Science Award. “Generally, all submissions are very good and interesting, the works have improved and are more variable. It is very hard for us judges to choose the 18 finalists who will be invited to Jakarta to do their presentation.”

The 18 finalists are (1) Inosensia M. Abelarda & Agnes Florista Mutiara (SD Marsudirini 1, Yogyakarta), (2) Immanuel William Suryowidagdo & Oktamus Ruben Yondreas (Robotic Science Club, Magelang), (3) Prasidya Dhanurendra Zijlstra (Cendekia Leardership School, Bandung), (4) Muthia Khansa (SDIT Ummul Quro, Bogor), (5) Syahandika Efedi (SDIT Al-Utsmaniyah, Bogor), (6) Jessica Nathalie (SD Santo Yusup, Bandung), (7) Ratu Salsabila Astrakusuma  (Aljabr Islamic School, DKI Jakarta), (8) Johansyah Azzah Wirata & M. Paisal (SD Muhammadiyah 2, Denpasar), (9) Ridho Herdiansyah & Nabila Putri Andani  (SDIT Buahati Islamic School, DKI Jakarta), (10) Ferris Prima Nugraha (SDK Immanuel, Pontianak), (11) Balqis Nabilayeni Kusumawati & Muhammad Rafly Rahardian  (SD Muhammadiyah Manyar, Gresik), (12) Armansyah (SDN 018 Tanah Grogot, Paser), (13) Salman Arbi & Faradita Rizqa (SD Islam Al Azhar 29 BSB, Semarang), (14) Averos Aulia Ananta Nur & Muh. Oktavian Dharma Setyawan  (SD Muhammadiyah 1, Jember), (15) Queen Violita (SD Pangudi Luhur II, Solo), (16) Imaduddin Zanki (SDI Baabut Taubah Kemang Pratama, Bekasi), (17) Alberta Danabella Ratna Dewi & Regina Adnyana Nareswari (SDK Sang Timur, Yogyakarta), (18) Benny Kusuma & Ahmad Salman Al Farisi (SDIT Cordova, Tangerang Selatan)

The 18 finalists will be invited to Jakarta in the near future to present their works in front of the judge panel consisting of Prof. Yohanes Surya, PhD (Director of Surya Institute Foundation), Dr. Karnadi, M.Si (Deacon of Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Faculty of Education), Dr. L. T. Handoko (PP-Fisika LIPI), Dr. Puspita Lisdiyanti (Researcher, LIPI), Dra. Mayke S. Tedjasapitra, M.Si (Psycholog and Lecturer in University of Indonesia, Faculty of Psychology).

In judging this competition with three categories; namely Applied Technology, Natural Science and Mathematics, the juries separated scoring criteria into three parts which are idea (60%), process (40%) and output (10%). The biggest portion is given to how the source of idea, motivation and innovation are presented by the children. From the 18 finalists, 9 winners will be chosen and their works will be exhibited in the Kalbe Junior Science Fair in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on 8-9 September 2012. They will be competing to win the cash and prizes worth more than 200 million Rupiah. Other than that, the nine winners withe their accompanying teachers will get the chance to visit the Singapore Science Center on 10 September 2012. The latest information related to the competition can be accessed through the website

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PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (“Kalbe”) was founded in 1966. It is one of the largest public listed pharmaceutical company in South East Asia. Kalbe has four main divisions which handle leading brands and vast portfolio - prescribed medicines business unit (Cefspan, Brainact, Broadced, etc); over the counter products (Woods, Promag, Mixagrip, Komix, Fatigon, etc); nutritionals (ChilKid, Prenagen, Diabetasol, etc); and distribution. Kalbe has more than twenty subsidiaries, nine production facilities with international standard, and hire more than 15,000 employees as well as 4,000 marketing and sales forces distributed across 65 branches all over Indonesia. Since 1991, Kalbe has been enlisted in the Jakarta Stock Exchange (IDX:KLBF).

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