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Jakarta, September 12th, 2022 – PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe), in collaboration with the Yarsi University, has trained the stunting decrease accelaration personnel in Kemuning public health center of Kresek Region, Tangerang. It will initiate the stunting intervention program by Kalbe and the Yarsi University for pregnant women of the Kresek Region, Tangerang, which will be conducted until December of 2022.

“Kalbe, through its subsidiary Kalbe Nutritionals, has provided the best nutritional solution in each stage of life, including pregnant women and children. Nutritional and educational intervention programs are important for the prevention of stunting,” according to the Head of Internal Communication and Sustainability for PT Sanghiang Perkasa (Kabe Nutritionals), Arief P. Nugroho.

Arief also stated that both Kalbe and the Yarsi University chose Tangerang as the location target of the program, based on the data result that the Banten Province was one of the twelve national priority provinces in the national stunting decrease accelaration program.

For this training, the stunting decrease accelaration personnel will receive several trainings, including ANC (Antenatal Care) or treatments for mothers and fetus during the pregnancy stage, PHBS (Clean and Healthy Living Pattern), IMD (Early Breastfeeding Iniative), and ASIX (Exclusive Breast Milk). They will then educate the people in several integrated health centers (Posyandu) around the Kresek teritory, as well as providing nutrients for pregnant women.

We welcome this collaboration program between Kalbe and the Yarsi University, as the program is in accordance with one of the objectives of the regional government,” as stated by dr. Deny Erfin, the Head of the Public Health Center in Kresek.

He explained that the program was similar with the direction from Ahmad Zaki Iskandar, the Regent of Tangerang, regarding the prevention of stunting in the region, based on the Regent Regulation no. 16 of 2020.

As dr. Deny added, As we determine to suppress the stunting rate, we will synergize with the collaboration program between Kalbe and the Yarsi University in order to assist on decreasing the stunting cases in Kresek.”

The Stunting Decrease Accelaration Program for Pregnant Women in Kresek will hopefully be monitored and controlled constantly by Kalbe, the Yarsi University, and the Public Health Center of Kresek, specifically on the nutritional status of 60 pregnant women in order to ensure that their babies are healthy and free of stunting.

As mentioned before, stunting is a growth disorder on children below five years old caused by chronic malnutritions and environment-based diseases. This condition is marked by non-ideal body heights when a child is two years old or older, or below the green mark of comparison curve on height and age.

Stunting is caused by repetitive or prolonged malnutritions, therefore it was more considered as a syndrome or a symptom set rather than a disease,” according to the Head of Kalbe Nutritionals Research Center of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk, dr. Iwan Surjadi Handoko.

He stated that the malnutrition could happen when they were in their mothers’ wombs, in which their mothers experienced a lack of nutritions or nutrient absorptions. Unhealthy food habits, which caused them to contract flu, coughing, to diarrhea, would also prevent the mothers to fully absorb the nutrients for their babies.


Kalbe at a Glance

Founded in 1966, PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe) is one of the largest open pharmaceutical companies in Southeast Asia. The company has four main divisions that engage in a portfolio of reliable and diversed brands, such as the prescription medicine division, the health product division which handles free medicines, multivitamins, and ready-to-drink supplement beverages, and the distribution and logistics divisions.

Kalbe has also developed a digital service ecosystem for the society, both in B2B with EMOS and in B2C with KlikDokter. EMOS is an order management application system that facilitates the distribution channels in commencing stock management or supply chain, while KlikDokter is a digital platform for health services, specifically telemedicine, which provides necessary health consultations and products for the society.

Now, Kalbe has more than 40 subsidiaries and 15 production facilities with international standards, employing around 16.000 employees who are being stationed in 76 branches all around Indonesia. Kalbe’s shares has been recorded in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) since 1991 (IDX:KLBF).

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