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Jakarta, September 12th, 2022 – PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe) has educated the society on the calory deficit diet, a dietary habit of consuming less calorie intakes than doing physical activities that require a lot of energy.

Here is an example. A daily calorie intake of a person usually reaches 2,000 calories a day. However, if we want to lose weights, then we have to decrease the intake up to 500 calories a day,” as stated by the Health Communicator of Kalbe Nutritionals, dr. Dewi Virdianti, during an Instagram Live of @ptkalbefarmatbk.

She then explained that this new type of diet emphasized on the principal of a healthy diet, by considering the types of food and the amount of intakes. This included food groups such as protein, vegetables, and fruits, the amount and regularity of intakes for junk food, and the consumption of food that kept the stomach full longer, including oatmeal, sweet potato, potato, taro, and cassava.

Daily meal schedules must also be considered, meaning that those who were in a diet did not need to skip breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They were also required to do consistent and routined physical activities, making such activities as a habit or a change of behavior.

A person who wanted to lose weight without the correct diet and a balanced nutrition pattern could risk several complications, including a rebound or an increase of weight after finishing a diet program due to a huge appetite. This could happen because a body with a lack of carbohydrate craved for more carbohydrate intakes.

According to dr. Dewi Virdianti, This must be followed with a balance or habit in our activities. If our daily activities only consist of sitting or lying around, then we have to decrease our calorie intakes. Meanwhile, if we have various activities or do many exercises, then we are allowed to consume 2000 calories or more.”

Arranging a dietary habit means balancing the nutritional intake. The consumption of carbohydrate or fat must not be high, it should not be low either since carbohydrate becomes a source of energy for our body. A balanced nutritional dietary habit is also important to prevent a malnutrition during a diet.

A malnutrition is a disorder or imbalance of nutrient absorption, which could be either a high absorption that causes an overweight or a low consumption (skinny body) that could risk any diseases. Its symptoms include body aches, limps, immunity system and hormone disorders due to the lack of protein, muscle cramps due to the lack of calcium, and faintings due to the lack of energy.

One correct way to arrange a food portion without diet is through the Isi Piringku (Fill My Plate) pattern, where one third of the plate is filled with carbohydrate, another one third for vegetables, and the rest for side dish and fruits, with a glass of milk for snacking.

As dr. Dewi Virdianti explained, You also need to choose milk with low calorie, like Slim & Fit with only 200 calories. It can also be a meal replacement to fulfill your nutrient intakes while on a diet. There is also Slim & Fit cookies for snacking, with only 90 calories.

“Kalbe Nutritionals has answered the need of consumers who want to maintain their body through a weight management, as well as the formulation of slim expert. Slim & Fit contains isomaltulosa, a slow release carbohydrate which can keep the body full much longer,” as added by the Brand Manager of Slim & Fit for Kalbe Nutritionals, Aditya Pratama Somanta.

Adit furtherly explained that the Slim & Fit 200 Kcal milk contained high calcium, high fiber, less sugar, twelve vitamins, and five minerals. Meanwhile, the Slim & Fit 90 Kcal cookies were made from mix grains, including oat, wheat, and quinoa.

It will ideally need 1,200 to 1,500 calories per day for a person to lose weights, however each person must adjust their own daily calorie intakes according to the Body Mass Index or BMI. On the other hand, the Slim & Fit products can offer an easier and healthier diet.

One example is by consuming the Slim & Fit milk for breakfast and dinner, with a total of 400 Kcal of calories. You can also eat the Slim & Fit cookies between lunch and dinner, consuming 180 Kcal of calories, followed by a 620 Kcal of calories for a full meal consisting of side dish, vegetables, and fruits during dinner. In total, you will only consume 1200 Kcal of calories per day.


Kalbe at a Glance

Founded in 1966, PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe) is one of the largest open pharmaceutical companies in Southeast Asia. The company has four main divisions that engage in a portfolio of reliable and diversed brands, such as the prescription medicine division, the health product division which handles free medicines, multivitamins, and ready-to-drink supplement beverages, and the distribution and logistics divisions.

Kalbe has also developed a digital service ecosystem for the society, both in B2B with EMOS and in B2C with KlikDokter. EMOS is an order management application system that facilitates the distribution channels in commencing stock management or supply chain, while KlikDokter is a digital platform for health services, specifically telemedicine, which provides necessary health consultations and products for the society.

Now, Kalbe has more than 40 subsidiaries and 15 production facilities with international standards, employing around 16.000 employees who are being stationed in 76 branches all around Indonesia. Kalbe’s shares has been recorded in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) since 1991 (IDX:KLBF).

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