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Jakarta, April 28th, 2022. PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe) through the Diabetes Total Solution (DTS) Ecosystem, has launched a program called Diabetes Connect, which can help doctors and nurses to directly monitor the daily blood sugar development of patients from their computer or telephone screens without downloading it.


In commemorating the National Diabetes Day in April 18th, 2022, Kalbe Diabetes Care has conducted a series of events, starting from education to a package of products and services for diabetes. These events was also held during the momentum of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan, which is to educate diabetes patients to control their patterns in medications, diets, and blood sugar monitorings, in order to optimize their fasting activity,” according to the Project Co-Leader of Diabetes Total Solution, Anita Halim.


“Kalbe Diabetes Care should utilize this momentum to help patients during the last period of the holy month of Ramadan and during the preparation of Ied Fitri with the launch of Diabetes Connect program, as explained by the Product Manager of Elvasense, Dimpos Gultom.


The program, which has been initiated in several hospitals in the Jabodetabek Area, can be accessed by patients through dowloading the KlikDiabetes application and commencing a synchronization with the Elvasense application. After that, the doctors’ email addresses will be inputed and integrated with their computer or smartphone screens.


As Dimpos Gultom furtherly explained, There are many benefits of this program, such as patients can buy a healthy package for Diabetics and direct monitorings of their daily blood sugar levels by both doctors and nurses. They will also request the patients suffering constantly from hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia for immediate consultations in hospitals, in order to obtain proper theraphy sessions.”


Kalbe Diabetes Care is an integrated service for diabetes patients provided by the DTS Ecosystem from Kalbe. This ecosystem is a collaboration of four main business units of Kalbe in the diabetes field, such as anti-diabetes prescriptions and their complications, nutrients for diabetes patients called Diabetasol, an independent blood sugar monitor device called Elvasense, and a digital platform known as KlikDiabetes.


Besides the program itself, non-stop educations, especially on maintaining the blood sugar during fasting and the preparation of Ied Fitri, must be conducted. Therefore, Kalbe Diabetes Care has collaborated with several hospitals to conduct the Diabetes Connect Program, as well as public seminars, to commemorate the National Diabetes Day in April 18th, 2022.


One collaboration is with Bunda General Hospital at April 22nd, 2022, which discussed about “The Importance of Blood Sugar Monitoring During Ramadan”, with dr. Sebastianus Jobul, Sp.PD., KEMD, FINASIM as the speaker. He then explained that the main purpose of a diabetes management was to prevent complications and to increase the quality of life.


As he furtherly stated, It can be achieved by changing the way of life, maintaining calories, following the adjusted prescriptions during Ramadan such as the dosages of insulin and oral diabetes medications, and monitoring the daily blood sugar and HbA1c levels once every three months.”


In addition, there are massive education activities through Youtube and Shopee channels to help the diabetic patients during fasting and the preparation of Ied Fitri. For example, the April 18th video at the Youtube Diabetasol Indonesia channel that discussed “Easy Solutions for Blood Sugar Control During Fasting” by dr. Indra Wijaya, M.Kes., Sp.PD., KEMD, FINASIM and dr. Lily, MT, M.Gizi, Sp.GK(K), and the April 22nd topic in the Shopee channel on “Blood Sugar Control During the Preparation of Ied Fitri and How to Prevent Its Complications” by  dr. Hermina Novida, Sp.PD., KEMD, FINASIM.


For this activity, Kalbe Diabetes Care has prepared the a Diabetic Special Package in the Holy Month of Ramadan known as the DTS Package through, and the Diabetasol Package through Diabetasol Official Shopee, as concluded by the Project Co-Leader of Diabetes Total Solution, Yunita Chandrawati.


KlikDiabetes at a Glance


PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (“Kalbe”), through Kalbe Diabetes Care,  has launched the Diabetic assisitance application since April of 2021, with the purpose of helping Diabetics to create a new healthy habit for a better quality of life. Users can enjoy several of its features for free, such as the Health Record to make a data out of daily blood sugar levels integrated with Elvasense, a Medication Reminder to schedule the intake of insulin and other diabetes medications, Diets and Nutrients to select menus and control the calories based on the intended targets, and About Diabetes to gain daily informations about the disease. This application can be accessed through the website, or by downloading it at Google Play Store and Apps Store. For further questions, you can contact the Call Center of KlikDiabetes at 0800-1200-888 ext. 3, or through email address at cs@klikdiabetes.


Kalbe at a Glance


Founded in 1966, PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe) is one of the largest open pharmaceutical companies in Southeast Asia. The company has four main divisions that engage in a portfolio of reliable and diversed brands, such as the prescription medicine division, the health product division which handles free medicines, multivitamins, and ready-to-drink supplement beverages, and the distribution and logistics divisions.


Kalbe has also developed a digital service ecosystem for the society, both in B2B with EMOS and in B2C with KlikDokter. EMOS is an order management application system that facilitates the distribution channels in commencing stock management or supply chain, while KlikDokter is a digital platform for health services, specifically telemedicine, which provides necessary health consultations and products for the society.


Now, Kalbe has more than 40 subsidiaries and 15 production facilities with international standards, employing around 16.000 employees who are being stationed in 76 branches all around Indonesia. Kalbe’s shares has been recorded in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) since 1991 (IDX:KLBF).

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