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Kalbe Launch Ristekdikti-Kalbe Science Awards

Optimization of Research Result to Increase the Nation's Competitive Edge

Kalbe Launch Ristekdikti-Kalbe Science Awards

Surabaya, 19 April 2016 – PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe) collaborating with the Ministry of Research,  Technology, and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenristekdikti RI) today launched a discussion forum with the theme "Optimization and Commercialization of Research Result to Increase the Nation's Competitive Edge" as part of the series of Ristekdikti-Kalbe Science Awards (RKSA) programs at the Kahuripan Room, Airlangga University, Surabaya.  The RKSA Program that has been held for the sixth time since 2008 is a program that gives awards to Indonesia's best researchers who have actively contributed in the research and development worlds specifically in the health and life science fields. 

"We need a synergy that is in harmony between all elements of the nation, specifically between academics, industry, and government (ABG) to be able to compete as well as creating a research result that has high commercial value and useful to the greater population," said Herda JT Pradsmadji, Head of Corporate Communications & CSR of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk. “As a company that believes that innovation and research are the primary keys for the nation's advancement, Kalbe will continue its commitment to develop science and technology and to grow the innovative culture within the population,” Herda added. 

The Speakers of the day's discussion forum are Dr.  Muhammad Dimyati (DirGen Research and Development Reinforcement, Kemenristekdikti), Prof.  dr. Singgih Riphat (Main Researcher of Economic and Fincances Department of Fiscal Policy Agency/BKF), Dr.  Purwati (Secretary of Regenerative and Stem Cell Medicines Center, Dr.  Sutomo Hospital) and FX Widiyatmo (Head of Business Development PT Kalbe Farma Tbk), with Moderator Dr.  Agus Zainal Arifin, S.Kom., M.Kom (Finalis Best Research Award/RKSA 2014, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November/ITS).

RKSA 2016 event aims to provide appreciations to Indonesian researchers for the dedication and hard work that produced research results in the field of health. In RKSA 2016 the fields of research that can participate include Medicinal Substance/Preparation (biotechnology, medicinal chemistry, natural chemistry/pharmaceutical technology), Diagnostics Medication Methods and Functional Edibles.

There are two awards in RKSA 2016 program, which are Best Research Awards, for the best research result in research fields within life sciences and health technology segment; and Young Scientist Award, for young Indonesian researchers who excels in their venture to conduct a number of researches in life sciences and health technology fields.

The members of the Board of Juries of RKSA 2016 are Prof. dr. Amin Soebandrio, Ph.D, Sp.MK. (Director of Eijkman Molecular Biology Institution), Dr.  Muhammad Dimyati (DirGen Research and Development Reinforcement, Kemenristekdikti), Prof.  Dr. Wahono Sumaryono, Apt. (Professor of Research BPPT & Rector of Pancasila University), Prof.  Dr. Yeyet Cahyati Sumirtapura, DEA, Apt. (Professor of Pharmaceutical School of Bandung's Institute of Technology), Prof.  dr. Sofia Mubarika, H,M. Med.Sc, Ph.D (Professor of the Faculty of Medicine of Gadjah Mada University), Prof.  Maggy thenawidjaja Suhartono, Ph.D (Professor of the Food Science and Technology Department of Bogor Institute of Agriculture), Prof.  Dr. Yahdiana Harahap, MS, Apt. (Professor of Faculty of Pharmaceuticals, University of Indonesia).

The Scoring criteria used in RKSA 2016 judgment is divided into two categories, which are Best Research Awards criteria that is used for the quality of research that covers: originality, newness, benefit for the advancement of science, effect or impact of the research, patent, competitive grant that has been obtained.  Whereas for Young Scientist Award judgment are publication and type of publication published, effect or impact of research, competitive award as researcher, and competitive grant that has been obtained. 

The socialization and application of the participants of RKSA starts on 15 March 2016 until 3 June 2016 where every participant is mandated to send in their research papers along with their application form, profile, summary of research and the complete research paper, photo and others that can be seen in

Ministry of Research and Technology at a glance
The Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of Republic of Indonesia (Kemenristekdikti RI) was established in 1962 with the name Ministry of National Research of the Republic of Indonesia. Kemenristekdikti has the vision of the realization of quality higher education as well as science and technology and innovation abilities to support the nation's competitive edge. Kemenristekdikti also has the missions: increasing access, relevance, and quality of higher education to generate qualified human resources, and increase Science and Technology abilities and innovation to provide added value of innovation products.

Kalbe at a glance
PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (“Kalbe”) was established in 1966 and is one of the biggest public pharmaceutical companies in Southeast Asia. Kalbe has four main divisions that handle reliable and varied brand portfolio; prescription medicines (Cefspan, Brainact, Broadced, etc); over-the-counter medication division (Woods, Promag, Mixagrip, Komix, Fatigon, etc); health drinks (Hydro Coco, Extra Joss, Nitros); nutrition division (ChilKid, Prenagen, Diabetasol, etc); and distribution division. Kalbe currently has more than 20 subsidiaries, 9 production facilities with international standard, and employs more than 17,000 employees dispersed across more than 71 branches throughout Indonesia. From 1991, Kalbe is listed at Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX:KLBF).

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