Kalbe Berbagi for Health 

Kalbe Berbagi – Health is the Company’s main community development activities, given its considerable presence in Indonesian healthcare market. Kalbe Berbagi for Health’s activities cover free medical and health checkup services as well as distribution of medical supply and supplement donations to various communities across Indonesia.

During 2017, Kalbe Berbagi for Health has conducted the following initiatives:

  • Kalbe collaborates with various social and non-profit communities including Indonesia National Armed Force throughout Indonesia in terms of providing medicine aid and free health services. Recorded in 2017, Kalbe works with 53 communities and reached more than 63,000 patients.
  • Kalbe in collaboration with the Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) held a Blood Donor program which participated by 5,793 employees and resulted in 5,367 blood bags received by PMI.
  • Kalbe also held a disaster response program by providing medicines and health services to 305 families of fire victims in Kampung Bulak, Klender, Jakarta on August 25, 2017.