Kalbe's Corporate Social Responsibility


As a responsible corporate citizen, Kalbe always recognizes its position as part of the fabric of the communities in which it operates and is committed to share the benefits of growth with all stakeholders. This commitment is based on the Company’s belief that corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the drive for long-term financial performance are interlinked.

At Kalbe, CSR is much more than simply corporate philanthropy – it is about how the Company manages its operations responsibly, live its values in its day-to-day activities, and how Kalbe uses its expertise to assist communities, its workforce and customers, as well as to protect the environment.

Hence, apart from funding and initiating many CSR projects, Kalbe also invites its employees to take part in activities to support the community, thereby positioning these projects not simply as activities from the top but as an organization-wide calling to build a better world.

Employee engagement remained high in 2016 with total participation reaching more than 6,000 employees, a reflection of how business and social interests have been closely integrated in the Company’s activities.

As in the previous years, Kalbe’s corporate responsibility activities are summed up into the following four major categories with total spending of around Rp90 billion:

  • Community Development,
  • Commitment to Environment Protection,
  • Fair and Responsible Labor Practices, and
  • Customer Protection through Product Responsibility. 



Community Development: We Share Because We Care



Kalbe’s community development activities are managed by a dedicated CSR Unit at the head of ce, tasked with coordinating the Company’s Kalbe Shares, or Kalbe Berbagi programs, which serves as an umbrella for the entire community development activities. To ensure effectiveness, this unit has a direct reporting line to the Board of Directors, a re ection of the Company’s commitment towards its CSR mission.

These activities are grouped into Kalbe Berbagi’s four key activity areas, namely Kalbe Berbagi for Health, Kalbe Berbagi for Education, Kalbe Berbagi for the Environment and Kalbe Berbagi Infrastructure.

Kalbe Berbagi - Health focuses on efforts to provide communities with wider access to healthcare services, targeting particularly underprivileged communities living in remote areas.

Kalbe Berbagi - Education puts priority in life science education development in Indonesia, in line with the Company’s motto to pursue scienti c advancements for a better life.

Kalbe Berbagi - Environment helps communities in building a better environment that allows them to enjoy a healthier life.

Kalbe Berbagi - Infrastructure underlines Kalbe’s involvement in infrastructure development, particularly those related to public health improvement initiatives.

Kalbe Berbagi’s success continued to rely on active participation from employee volunteerism, who shared their passion to help others through many Kalbe Berbagi activities conducted in 2016.