Kalbe's Corporate Social Responsibility

In line with the Company’s mission to contribute to the well-being of the community and environment, as well as to deliver continuous growth of stakeholders’ value, Kalbe is committed to implement sustainable corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. 

Kalbe’s corporate social responsibility activities are based on the “triple bottom line: People-Planet-Profit” principles, to maintain a harmonious balance between economic performance (profit), social performance (people) and environmental performance (planet).

Kalbe’s CSR programs cover the following four key areas:

• community development;

• environmental stewardship;

• labor, occupational safety and health practices; and

• product responsibility.


Empowering Communities

Kalbe’s community development activities actively seek opportunities to conduct programs in education, environment and infrastructure development. These activities are coordinated by a dedicated, full time Corporate Social Responsibility Unit that reports directly to Kalbe’s Board of Directors. This Unit is mainly responsible for coordinating the Company’s Kalbe Cares, or Kalbe Berbagi, which serves as an umbrella for Kalbe’s entire community development programs.


Kalbe Cares – Health
focuses on efforts to provide communities with wider access to healthcare services, targeting particularly underprivileged communities living in remote areas.


Kalbe Cares – Education
Puts priority in life science education development in Indonesia, in line with the Company’s motto to pursue scientific advancements for a better life.


Kalbe Cares – Environment
Helps communities in building a better environment that allows them to enjoy a healthier life.


Kalbe Cares – Infrastructure
Underlines Kalbe’s involvement in infrastructure development, particularly those related to public health improvement initiatives.


As in the previous years, Kalbe Cares programs rely also on the involvement of Kalbe employees as volunteers. In 2015, employees from Kalbe’s headquarter, production plants and branches continued to offer a helping hand to support Kalbe’s social cause to build a healthier Indonesia.


In 2015, corporate social responsibility activities took the theme of improving quality of service for a better life. Service to stakeholders is the form of responsibility of the Company towards its stakeholders. A total of Rp78 billion was spent on Kalbe’s social cause.