Kalbe Business Ethics serves as a guideline for all Kalbe employees (including Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors) in conducting interaction and relationships with the stakeholders. The Code of Ethics is developed based on the principles of good corporate governance and Panca Sradha Kalbe as the corporate values which have been the spirit along Kalbe’s journey.

Panca Sradha Kalbe consists of the following principles:

1.    Trust is the glue of life.

2.    Mindfullness is the foundation of our actions.

3.    Innovation is the key to our success.

4.    Strive to be the best.

5.    Interconnectedness is the universal way of life.

These five aspects have served as the basis for every Kalbe individual’s attitude, behavior and interaction with the stakeholders. Kalbe Business Ethics is to prevent any deviation against the established standards of behavior and to serve as a guideline in detecting deviations. Compliance to Kalbe Business Ethics will avoid the occurrence of improper relationship with stakeholders that would be detrimental to the Company. Principles of Kalbe Business Ethics includes, code of conduct and complience with prevailing laws and regulations, commitment to the employees, shareholders, and business partners, business competition, business integrity, conflict of interest, the standard of products and services, respects the right for intellectual property, commitment to the evironment, partnerships with communities, and organizational and political activity. 
The Kalbe Business Ethics is established with the following objectives:

1. To translate the Company's values in to business ethic standards that must be obeyed by Kalbe employees in performing their daily duties.

2. To serve as a standard of code of conduct for every Kalbe members, including the Commissioners, Directors and employees.

3. To promote the development of ethical behavior in accordance with the highest ethical standards for the Corporations, Commissioners, Directors, and employees.

4. To develop good relationships with stakeholders in accordance with GCG principles and the Company's values.

5. To support the implementation of GCG practices in order to achieve sound and sustainable financial, social, and an environmental performace.

The launching of Kalbe Business Ethics will be followed by an organization-wide socialization program. The socialization will be conducted in stages to ensure similar understanding of Kalbe Business Ethics principles. In addition to compliance with the Company’s Kalbe Business Ethics, employees are also required to comply with other rules and policies, as well as not to be ignorant on incidences that violate the Kalbe Business Ethics. Employees shall report any violation of the Kalbe Business Ethics through a Whistleblowing System.

Business Ethics of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk