Corporate Secretary, Investor Relations and Information Disclosure

Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary is the liaison who bridges interests between the Company and external parties, principally in an effort to maintain a positive public perception of the Company’s image and as the Company’s fulfillment of its responsibilities. The Corporate Secretary reports to the Board of Directors.

Functions of the Company's Corporate Secretary include secretarial duties, public relations with investors, legalities and compliance with capital market industry authorities, as well as in accord with provisions of Good Corporate Governance. Through various activities associated with the public, the Corporate Secretary helps maintain the image of Kalbe and represents the Board of Directors in any external communications, especially with regulators, investors, the capital market community and other stakeholders.

Currently the position of Corporate Secretary is held by Lukito Kurniawan Gozali. He joined PT Kalbe Farma Tbk on October 01, 2018 and serve as Corporate Secretary based on the Decree of the Directors of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk regarding the Appointment of Corporate Secretary No. 07/I/2020/SK/KF-LD dated February 03, 2020. He holds a Bachelor of Art in Economics from the University of Oregon, Oregon, USA and a Master of Business Administration in Finance from University of Portland, Oregon, USA. He has served as Head of Investor Relations in several listed companies such as PT Ramayana Lestari Sentosa Tbk, PT Erajaya Swasembada Tbk, and PT Nippon Indosari Corpindo Tbk. Currenty he also serves as Head of Investor Relations at PT Kalbe Farma Tbk.

The functional duties of the Company’s Corporate Secretary include secretarial duties, public and investor relations, legalities and compliance toward industrial authorities and capital markets, as well as provisions of Good Corporate governance (GCG):

  1. Acting as a representative of the Company in conjunction with all stakeholders in communicating Company activities, primarily those related to information disclosure.
  2. Controlling the management of external and internal communications strategy with all stakeholders to openly and accountably deliver news from the Company, while maintaining its positive image.
  3. Being responsible for fulfilling compliance with existing regulations on the stock exchanges and the capital markets, including the Law on Limited Liability Companies.
  4. Monitoring developments and regulatory changes occurring in capital markets, as well as providing recommendations and advice to the Board of Directors related to the developmental impact of these changes on the Company and the implementation of these changes within the Company.
  5. Responsible for fulfilling compliance with the current Laws of the Stock Exchange and the capital markets related to the disclosure of information.
  6. Responsible for organizing Board of Directors' meetings and Board of Directors' meetings with Commissioners and with the General Meeting of Shareholders.
  7. Secretarial or administrative control of Board of Directors' correspondence with concerned parties, including Bapepam-LK and the Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI).
  8. Handling of Investor Relations in order to maintain and improve communications between the Company and investors, both locally and internationally.
  9. Handling of public relations.

Various activities carried out by the Corporate Secretary included:

  1. Correspondence with Bapepam and IDX as the capital market regulator.
  2. Providing updates on the investment community to the Board of Directors
  3. Conducting meetings, visits, conferences and roadshows in order to maintain good relations with investor and analyst communities.
  4. Presenting the Company’s development to the public through an open information report by way of Press, websites, and other information channels available to the Company.
  5. Presenting regular financial reports, along with annual report to BAPEPAM and BEI, as well as providing reports on the Company's website and announcements of full year financial statements and half year financial statements in newspapers with national distribution.
  6. Conducting Annual and Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.
  7. Holding press conference meetings and dealing with media coverage.
  8. Conducting public expose
  9. Participating in capital market activities conducted by the IDX.

Besides functioning as a liaison between the Company and external parties, the Corporate Secretary also serves in an Internal Communications capacity, in charge of ensuring the availability and circulation of information for all employees, including employees of subsidiaries, and maintaining an internal communications network.

Several activities developed by Internal Communication functions were:

  1. Intranet Portal Development
    A Kalbe Intranet Portal Group called Kalbe Family Portal is accessible to all employees (including employees in subsidiary companies) connected through Internet access.
    Kalbe Family Portal provides information for the benefit of employees and also provides access to information to support their daily work. This portal is prepared as a facility that can better support work activities, as well as acting as a medium of effective information.
  2. E-mail Blast
    E-mail Blast is a facility through which mass-circulation of information delivery can be arranged, either to all employees, or to certain employee groups. The facility is an effective means for the Company to deliver information quickly and thoroughly to all Kalbe employees and to its subsidiaries in various locations spread throughout Indonesia.

Investor Relations

The Corporate Secretary also handles investor relations, in order to maintain and improve communication between the Company and investors, both locally and internationally. The Investor Relations function, including provision of the latest information related to the Company's business performance and future outlook, helps investors in making investments in shares of the Company.

Dissemination of information is conducted directly to the investor and to stock market analysts in the form of press releases, presentations and organizing meetings with analysts and investors on a regular basis. Investor Relations periodically met with analysts, investors and fund managers in meetings as well as participation of the Company in Investor Forum events held  among others in Jakarta, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the United States and Britain.

Investor Relations Policy PT Kalbe Farma Tbk

Information Disclosure

In accordance with the principles of transparency and the fulfillment of the responsibility for compliance with the laws and regulations on the stock exchanges and capital markets related to the disclosure of information, Kalbe always delivers the latest information related to any developments in the Company submitted to the shareholders and capital market authorities through various communication channels, to ensure effective communication. In addition to reporting directly to capital market and stock exchange authorities, information is submitted to the shareholders in general through BEI announcements and the media.

Access to Information and Company Data

Dissemination of information to all stakeholders is an important part of the increase of transparency of information internally and externally, which is expected to assist, maintain and enhance the knowledge, understanding and positive perception of stakeholders about Kalbe's policies and activities. The Kalbe information portal is the Company's website:

As a form of compliance with disclosure of information, Kalbe always reports  information and material facts through a letter to Bapepam-LK and electronic reporting to the Indonesian Stock Exchange. The Company's disclosure of information conveyed through electronic reporting is available on the Indonesian Stock Exchange website (  ).

Press Release Availability on Website

Kalbe is actively publicizing every corporate action through press releases in both the Indonesian and English languages. Press releases are available on the Company's website.

Company Email (Contact Us)

Kalbe also continues to foster open lines of communication through the function of 'contact us' on the Company's website or via email to , to accommodate a variety of questions concerning the Company.

Corporate Secretary's Email and Investor Relations

Meanwhile, agencies or parties related to capital markets as well as investors are invited to contact the Secretary of the Company or the Company's Investor Relations at the following address:

  • Lukito Kurniawan Gozali

    Corporate Secretary

    Tel.(021) 428-73888
    Fax. (021) 424-4983

Investor Relations
Tel. (021) 4287-3888
Fax. (021) 4287-3680