Audit Committee

In supporting the implementation of GCG, Kalbe has established an Audit Committee to assist the Board of Commissioners, based on the Decree of the Board of Commissioners No. 035/SK-Dekom/KF-LD/V/2020 on the appointment of the Audit Committee.

The main duty of the Audit Committee is to encourage the implementation of good corporate governance, the establishment of adequate internal control structure, improve the quality of disclosure and financial reporting, and review the scope, accuracy, independency and objectivity of public accountants. The Audit Committee is responsible to the Board of Commissioners.

The duties and responsibilities of the Audit Committee are:

  1. Conducting review of financial information to be issued by the Company including financial statement, projection and other financial information
  2. Conducting review of compliance with law and regulations related to the Company’s activities.
  3. Providing independent opinion in the case of dissenting opinions between the Company and the  external auditor.
  4. Provide recommendations to be considered by the Board of Commissioners regarding the appointment of a Public Accountant. In making recommendations, the Audit Committee considers the independence, scope of the assignment, remuneration services, and evaluates the execution of the audit services of the historical financial statements. The results of the evaluation and recommendation of the Audit Committee shall be submitted annually to OJK in accordance with prevailing regulations.
  5. Conducting review of the audit performed by Internal Audit Unit and monitoring follow-up of the findings of the Internal Audit Unit.
  6. Supporting the Board of Commissioners to perform supervision of the risk management implementation.
  7. Performing review to the Board of Commissioners of any reports or complaints related to accounting process and financial reporting of the Company.
  8. Performing review on potential of conflict of interest to the Board of Commissioners.
  9. Protecting the confidentiality of the Company’s documents, data and information.

The audit Committee is vested with the authority among others to have unlimited access to records, employees, funds, assets as well as other resources within the Company in support of its duties.The Audit Committee is chaired by an Independent Commissioner and two members who are all professionals from outside the company (independent). It has complied with stipulations in the Decree of Chairman of BAPEPAM No. Kep-29/PM/2004 regarding the Establishment and Implementation Guidance for an Audit Committee.

As of May 19, 2020, the Audit Committee consists of:

  1. Adi Harsono - Chairman
  2. Haryo Suparmun - Member
  3. Dianawati Sugiarto - Member

All members of Audit Committee have fulfilled criteria of independency, professional experience and integrity, as required by applicable laws and regulations.

Charter of Audit Committee PT Kalbe Farma Tbk - Unofficial Translation