Kalbe Corporate Sustainability

Economic, social and environmental sustainability has become a major concern throughout the world nowadays. United Nations, Governments and private sectors continue to work together to implement sustainability initiatives that aim to contribute as much as possible to the environment, society and the economy for the sake of our stakeholder’s future.

As a healthcare company, Kalbe always put sustainability into consideration when making business decisions. Business impacts on environment, community and all related stakeholders will always be our equal concern with considerations in achieving our business performance.

To that end, Kalbe is committed to responsibly develop its business, among others, through its sustainability programs. The company is committed to positioning its sustainability philosophy and objectives as an integral part of its business activities. Therefore, Kalbe’s commitment to help promote community welfare, environment protection and business ecosystem continuity is implied in both in its products and services, as well as the way the Company operates its business.

Kalbe Sustainability is communicated through “Bersama Sehatkan Bangsa” tagline, supported by Sustainability Governance, which consists of Organization Structure, Policy, Framework and Strategy which covers nine key areas, deployed into the following internal pillars of ERAT and external pillars of SEHAT ;