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Kalbe’s Distribution and Logistics Division operates the widest distribution coverage for pharmaceuticals products in Indonesia. Its far-reaching network blankets the entire 33 provinces of Indonesia, providing a significant competitive advantage for the Company. This business is run through a 91.75%-owned subsidiary, PT Enseval Putra Megatrading Tbk. (EPMT), a public company listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

Kalbe’s distribution network indirectly covers roughly 1 million outlets in Indonesia, comprising pharmaceuticals outlets such as hospitals and pharmacies, as well consumer health and nutritional products outlets.

In addition to distributing the Company’s own products, the Distribution and Logistics Division allocates about one third of its capacity to serve the needs of third party principals to achieve higher efficiency on capacity utilization and better overhead costs sharing.

On top of its primary role as a distributor, the Distribution and Logistics Division also runs other business activities.

This Division manages Kalbe’s raw material trading and medical device businesses. These businesses are expected to enjoy positive growth with the implementation of National Healthcare Insurance system in 2014.

The Distribution and Logistics Division also manages Kalbe’s retail health service, Mitrasana Clinics, an  integrated clinic network integrating physician’s general practice, pharmacies, laboratory, and health mart for the mass market segment.

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